Back to Office After Covid Best Snack Ideas for Desk Drawer

It’s been a long time since the pandemic started. A lot has changed, and it’s been a while since the last time at the office, but now that it’s almost over, it is back to office work as usual. Healthy snacks are important when going back to work because some people find themselves with an increased appetite due to stress and no time for proper meals throughout their day.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite low-carb snacks for your desk drawer!

Nature’s Garden Organic Trail Mix Snack Pack:  Healthy and tasty, this trail mix is a great mid-day snack. The pack contains almonds which provide healthy fats and plenty of protein without carbs or sugars! Great for giving you that energy boost in the afternoon since it includes pecans and macadamia nuts too! Healthy fat from unsaturated oils is also included to keep your heart happy all day long.

Fruits: Healthy and tasty, fruits such as strawberries or oranges are the perfect snack to keep in your desk drawer. Healthy carbs from natural sugars provide a burst of energy when you need it most!

Dried Veggies: Healthy, crunchy, and great for dipping in salsa or Greek yogurt ranch dressing, veggies like cucumbers and pepper strips make an excellent snack to keep at your desk. Healthy carbs from natural sugars and vitamins galore! Healthy oils are also included for heart health and proper brain function throughout the day

Nature’s Garden Probiotic Keto Variety Snack Packs: Healthy gut is a healthy body! Healthy snacks with probiotics are important for your digestion and immune system. NG’s Keto Variety Snack Packs help you to feel full, give you energy, and even boost immunity, making them great low-carb snacks that everyone should have in their desk drawer.

Fruit & Nut Bars: Healthy fruit bars with nuts provide the perfect combination of carbs from natural sugars paired with healthy fats that fill you up without weighing you down. Healthy fats are included to keep you full and help your body absorb the healthy nutrients from these bars. Healthy fruits can also be consumed for a natural energy boost throughout the day!

Healthy eating at the office is a must to stay healthy and full of energy! Healthy snacking throughout your workday can help you get through any stressful situation that arises, so be sure to have these low-carb snacks on hand when going back or even starting your new job!