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Great Ideas for Your Wedding Shower Cake

There’s no better method to send out your friend or sister in to the wonderful realm of marriage than via a bridal shower. As with every type of shower however, a marriage shower cake is an integral part from the occasion. Treat bride to some special wedding shower cake using these ideas.

Everything onto it

Result in the bride’s wedding shower cake a luxurious piece. A marriage shower cake does not have to be multi tiered so that you can easily invest a lavish one layer cake. Top a fruitcake or perhaps a cream-filled chocolate cake with fruits, nuts and colored shavings or choose a real berry filled and capped wedding shower cake. Test out an alternative and mixture of different high quality fruits for any scrumptious and healthy wedding shower cake.

Message Cake

Bake or purchase a plain triple tiered chocolate or sponge cake. Equip your visitors with icing tools and allow them to leave their sweet messages around the bride’s unique wedding shower cake. Present the bride to be with this particular surprise wedding shower cake as she opens her shower gifts.

Groom Message Cake

This can be a variation around the message cake. Purchase a plain cake and write the groom’s special icing message for his bride-to-be around the wedding shower cake. Choose a message that’s significant for that couple or ask your daughter’s groom to draft a unique note.

Picture Cake

See your local loaves of bread and also have the bride or even the couple’s picture transferred in icing around the shower cake. Choose a close-up picture with less small details for excellent visual results. Top with well wishes.

Piñata Cake

Save the actual cake for that actual wedding and obtain a piñata cake rather for any fun game. Hang this inedible wedding shower cake and get the long run bride to complete the honors of showering the visitors with a few goodies.

Fake Cake Centerpiece

Another inedible wedding shower cake idea will be a folded cloth or folded tower centerpiece decorated with ribbons along with a topper. Have particular messages, gifts or cash folded together with each cloth piece and get the bride to be to softly pick and unroll her wedding shower cake apart throughout the gift opening session. You may also stack plastic baskets full of gifts and residential products for that bride and her new house. Decorate the baskets with traditional wedding cloths like tulle and satin ribbons.


Rather of real cake layers, serve a marriage shower cake tier of cupcakes, muffins and cheesecake. Sprinkle each cake piece with colored candies or chocolate shavings and decorate having a topper.

Humor Cakes

When the future bride will have an ultra formal wedding without any room for many humorous fun, then your bridal shower is the greatest event to create out unusual wedding cake toppers. Share the present of humor by decorating the various tiers of the wedding shower cake with humorous wedding cake toppers just like a shackled groom or perhaps a bride dragging her prized conquest. Have a wide range of toppers and let a couple of entertaining visitors provide a descriptive narration of every topper.