Ice Cream for Everyone: Great Cups with a Lid

What could be better than enjoying your favorite ice cream in a cozy environment or walking in the park with friends? Previously, there were certain restrictions for this — ice cream could melt and leak and create discomfort for the hands when eating it. Because of this, it was necessary to hurry without enjoying all the flavors of the delicacy.

Things have completely changed since the paper cup industry has become indispensable for ice cream packaging! You can get excellent ice cream cups with a lid and start selling them as part of an incredible taste experience.

A great option for branding

The printable areas on the inside and bottom of the ice cream cups with lids offer space for various designs and essential information. Additional custom-cut viewing windows complete the offer. A sleeved glass is a plastic cup coated with a pre-printed film during special heat treatment. It attracts attention and signals the high quality of the product. Possible sleeves (cuffs) that only partially cover the surface of the cup. A paper cup for ice cream is not just an analog of the traditional, familiar waffle cup. It surpasses it in all properties, except, of course, taste.

Nowadays, it is paper cups for ice cream that are very popular, not plastic ones. Paper cups are made of high-quality cellulose food cardboard, so they are reliable and durable. Such cups are environmentally friendly and absolutely do not affect the taste of the product.

The paper cups are made in accordance with all sanitary standards, so they are absolutely hygienic. Also, an important advantage of paper cups made of cellulose cardboard is its low thermal conductivity, so ice cream practically does not melt and hands do not freeze.

Main advantages of ice cream paper cups

The main advantages of such cups with a lid:

  • High water resistance — is achieved by the fact that during the production process, they are laminated on both sides;
  • They do not conduct cold, which allows you to enjoy ice cream without discomfort for the hands;
  • Safety of packaging when interacting with the contents, without the release of harmful substances into the product;
  • Easily recycled, which subsequently saves wood for further production of paper products;
  • Low price — there is no need to significantly increase the cost of the ice cream itself, which affects customer loyalty;
  • The ability to apply images, advertising information, and various drawings to the desired subject.

Ice cream cups are an excellent choice that allows customers to recognize the brand by effectively printing a logo or any other design on the outside of the product. To order a batch of such cups, select the appropriate size and characteristics and send the desired format.

Sustainable production

Most disposable ice cream and dessert cups are made from rPET with a minimum of 50% recycled PET bottles. Using recycled PET reduces the amount of virgin plastic that is produced, reducing plastic waste in landfills, oceans, and forests. The material is made by collecting, sorting, and recycling PET bottles. The crushed plastic flakes are then melted down and turned into new products.

Another impressive feature of rPET is that creating a new product from a recycled bottle uses 75% less energy than using new plastic. It means that much less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during this process. PET is widely used in producing disposable goods due to its increased transparency, strength, and desirable physical properties.