Top 5 restaurants to try in Tuscany in your food tour

If you are keen to travel to Tuscany, this is the time! Don’t think twice as you have selected the best destination to test your taste buds. Thousands of tourists travel to Tuscany to enjoy the varieties of foods served at various restaurants. The place is no short of restaurants and cafes; however, there are some that will touch your heart and leave you with great dining experience.

Allow us to recommend some of the most prominent places for a fine dining experience. We bet you will have the best culinary experience here too. The chefs love to serve and some may not even mind teaching you their recipe.

Top 5 restaurants to try in Tuscany in your food tour:

  1. Canto del Maggio:

Planning with a partner can give you the best experience if you intend to take her/him to Canto del Maggio. They assure a romantic experience of the lifetime. One of the best things about the place is they offer a farm to table service. Clients even request for a food tour and they love to give one around their farm.

  1. Caino:

Caino can bring you the best experience of life in your food tour. The contemporary dishes and classic ambience are just perfect for a perfect vacation. The speciality of the place is they have only nine tables as the chefs personally focuses on preparing dishes taking his time to give the most authentic taste.

  1. Osteria La Piana:

This casual restaurant offers you the most casual yet the most delicious dishes of Tuscany. The local dishes include large steaks, wild boar sauce, pasta, and the special Tuscan wine. We bet, this wouldn’t be your onetime trial restaurant.

  1. La Taverna di San Giuseppe:

The place gives you a classic informal dining experience. The restaurant was once a wine cellar and a chapel. The locals simply love the homemade pastas, chianina steak, and cinghiale. The place gets super crowded by locals, so make you reservations beforehand to enjoy the finest taste in Tuscany.

  1. Faconiere:

This stylish restaurant serves everything you look for in Tuscany. You will have a different experience trying the dishes here. The place even serves seasonal cuisine of the region and that is what attracts most international tourists.

We hope you liked the article on the international kitchen in Tuscany. If there is anything you would like to discuss or share, make sure you do that with your travel guide before you embark your journey.