4 Delicious Frozen Snacks to Enjoy in the Monsoon

The monsoon in India is a cosy time between July to September when rain showers occur every few days and the world stops and stares at a few moments of bliss. Many take to hill stations to enjoy the weather and unwind while it pours outside. Others continue with life while trying to work around the rains with umbrellas, raincoats, and thick shoes. No matter where you are, you can get distracted by the cloudy skies and mornings can often turn into lethargic moments filled with cravings.

Since these meals can be time-consuming to prepare, you can consider ready-made food items such as frozen foods or vegan snacks.

Most commonly hot beverages like tea and coffee are consumed in huge amounts during this time. Along with these beverages, staying indoors also makes us Indians crave hot and spicy snacks like samosa, fries, pizza pockets etc. Such snacks can be made at home but will require ingredients like fresh veggies, frozen peas, frozen corn, flour, oil, masalas, spices, cheese, breadcrumbs etc. Since these can be time-consuming to prepare, many people resort to ready to eat items or frozen snacks. Brands like ITC Master Chef Frozen Snacks produce a variety of delectable frozen snacks that can be fried to give you delicious snacks that easily appease your cravings.

Here are 4 delicious frozen snacks that are perfect for monsoon cravings:

ITC Master Chef Punjabi Samosa

This product should be at the top of your list of frozen snacks as it is one of the most loved snacks of all time. The Punjabi Samosa, filled with peas and potato stuffing is covered in a crispy thick outer layer that can be fried until golden brown for a delightful taste. These frozen samosas once cooked pair well with pudina chutney and tea too! Make monsoon evenings extra special with a new tea-time partner, Punjabi Samosa!

ITC Master Chef Chilli Garlic Potato Shots

A true blessing for potato lovers, this snack is a well-known starter available in many restaurants across India. Filled with spiced potato and garlic filling inside, this crispy fried snack is great to much on between meals in the monsoon. Have it with dips like chipotle, mint mayo or even pudina chutney for the best snack time.

ITC Master Chef Alphabytes

A fried potato snack in the form of alphabets is just what your kids need during snack time. As they binge on delicious golden Alphabytes, they also have fun with letters and form words. If you are looking for a fun and innovative snack time for your kids, then this snack is a great option. During monsoon evenings when they are low on energy, recharge them with these fun and delicious golden snacks!

ITC Master Chef Veggie Pizza Pocket

When the cheesy taste of pizza meets the savoury crunch of a pocket, these pizza pockets are formed. Bite into a crunchy pocket for a cheesy and veggie-filled pizza-like surprise with this frozen snack. Best for hunger pangs, pizza cravings and if you are looking for something heavy. These pockets bring to you the taste of pizza in the comfort of your own home and make monsoon evenings so much better.

Every ITC Master Chef Frozen Snacks product is made with wholesome fresh ingredients and packed with important nutrients like protein. These versatile snacks can be air-fried, shallow-fried or deep-fried according to your preference and convenience. Explore all these snacks and more online on ITC Store.