5 Warm Winter Drinks to try this season

With the cold temperatures descending upon us and the year making its way to an end, keeping warm and staying cosy is of utmost importance. Winters tend to cause mental and physical issues in humans. Things like seasonal depression, oversleeping, low motivation levels and more are common during this time due to the lack of daylight and the incessant cold winds. Additionally, physical issues such as common cold, cough, phlegm, fever, dryness of skin, etc are also predominantly observed in the winter.

To combat such varied and important issues that plague us, it is important to prioritise winter care for all. This means keeping warm, staying covered and consuming winter foods and beverages. Hot or warm winter drinks are the quickest way to refresh oneself and keep oneself warm in this season.

Here are 5 warm winter drinks you can make at home to feel cosy and winter-ready this season!

Turmeric Milk

Traditionally made in many Indian households to keep warm and boost immunity, Turmeric milk is an exceptional drink which can be made in the winter. Fresh milk is boiled with a pinch of turmeric powder. It is later mixed with spices such as cardamom, ginger, and others to give a more intense taste. These spices are well-known for their innumerable benefits too hence they can help fight common colds, throat infections and more.

Dalgona Coffee

For coffee lovers who are tired of drinking their same old instant coffee drinks, Dalgona coffee is a great winter drink to try. Dalgona coffee is a popular coffee drink that became viral in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic and has been loved by millions ever since. This coffee drink requires a beaten coffee and sugar paste that is poured on top of steaming hot milk for a delicious taste.

However, Dalgona coffee can be exhausting as the beating process can take up a lot of time and result in some wrist pain too. Having a pre-made coffee paste such as Sunbean Beaten Coffee can make life easy. This coffee paste is a pre-made delicious concoction that already contains sugar too. All you need is steaming hot milk and one cup of Sunbean Beaten Caffee and your winter coffee drink is good to go!

Masala Chai Tea

For chai lovers, winter is all about the rich and strongly flavourful tea that is commonly made in Indian homes. Many also add several spices such as crushed ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and lemon. These ingredients improve the overall health benefits of his warm beverage and generate heat in the body which is why it’s perfect for winter.

Apple Cider

A simple and wholesome warm drink, Apple Cider is gluten-free, vegan and loved by all. This can be served to guests and had at home for a simple and sweet winter day. All you need to do is add fruits like apples and oranges along with spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, whole all spice etc and water and let this boil for about two hours. You can use a cooker or an instant pot for this. Mash the fruits once they become soft and line them on the walls of the vessel so that maximum flavour is retained. Heat for 1 hour and then strain. Finally add a sweetener like brown sugar, honey etc and serve with cinnamon sticks!

Additionally, you can also use B Natural juice in wholesome flavours such as apple, mango guava and more and explore winter cocktail recipes online to be more creative with your winter drinks.

Hot Chocolate

Seen in Christmas movies and coffee shops, a warm chocolate drink is a staple during the winter season. Hot Chocolate is a culmination of cocoa and milk and is one of the most beloved drinks of kids and adults alike. This drink is almost synonymous with a cosy and warm time at home. Simply heat some milk and add cocoa powder to it. Stir till the consistency is thick. Add marshmallows and cocoa powder dressing for a more interesting drink.

Use these popular winter drinks to make your cold season warm and fuzzy!