Sparkling Hop Water – The Newest Trend in Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Nothing feels quite as refreshing as a chilled, crisp beer on a hot summer day. Spending a lazy afternoon by the pool or relaxing in your backyard with the sun’s rays warming your skin you as you enjoy a cold drink is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

But, if you’re cutting down on alcohol, be it for personal or health reasons, beer clearly isn’t going to be the best beverage option for you. But does this mean you can no longer enjoy a refreshing, hoppy drink to help revitalize yourself after a long, tiring day?

Absolutely not!

There is a perfect solution for people who want to enjoy that signature, hoppy beer flavor without the alcohol. You probably think non-alcoholic beer is your only option, but an emerging category of beverages hitting the market provides something even better: sparkling hop water!

Let’s discover his new trend in non-alcoholic beverages and why it will quickly become your new go-to drink!

What is Sparkling Hop Water

Sparkling hop water probably doesn’t sound like any alcohol free drink you’ve ever heard of, and that’s because it isn’t! This amazing new category of beverages is closer to sparkling water made with hops and often other natural fruit flavors. Some of the most common hop water flavors on the market are mango and blood orange.

So, what makes sparkling hop water stand out?

Well, for starters, it’s free from alcohol, sugar, gluten, and carbohydrates! Yes, you read it right! This super refreshing drink doesn’t have any alcohol and doesn’t use the grains often found in beer.

Often marketed as ‘the healthy alternative to beer,’ this drink just has two ingredients – hops and water. This allows the complex flavor of hops to shine through and really stand out. Moreover, some sparkling hop water brands add functional ingredients to the beverage, such as adaptogens and nootropics. You don’t need to be an expert in supplements to appreciate the stress-busting potential of these compounds.

The end result is a relaxing, refreshing drink that won’t leave you feeling bloated or groggy the next morning. Try hop water today and you’ll be hooked on this hoppy, refreshing and healthy non-alcoholic alternative. !

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions on your mind before you give sparkling hop water a try? No worries, you can find them answered below!

Is Sparkling Hop Water like Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Not exactly, no.

Sparkling hop water sits at the intersection of sparkling water and non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beer contains malt (and other grains) and often has a significant amount of calories and carbohydrates, which can add up quickly if you have more than one.

The objective of hop water is to offer people a drink that is significantly healthier than beer but offers the same bold hoppy flavor profile. Just as the name suggests, hop water only contains hops and water. It really is that simple!

Hops impart the signature bitter, piney and aroma of your favorite IPA. Infused with water and carbonated to perfection, sparkling hop water gives you a flavorful drink without any of the calories, carbs or sugar.

How Does Sparkling Hop Water Taste? Is it a Substitute to Beer?

You can think of sparkling hop water as a light and refreshing homage to your favorite IPA.

It delivers a crisp, balanced drinking experience, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon hang with friends. Hop water’s flavor profile lies in-between your favorite craft beer and your go-to seltzer. Think of it as getting the best of both worlds, without any of the carbs, calories, sugar or gluten to worry about!

Where Can I Get the Best Hop Water From?

HOP WTR is one of the leading  brands in the hop water category. They have created a super healthy beverage that is full of flavor and function. Enhanced by functional ingredients, adaptogens and nootropics specifically, HOP WTR is a healthy alternative when you’re looking to crack a cold one during any beer drinking occasion. . The fact that it has a clean nutrition label, with no calories, sugar or gluten and only 1g carbs, further adds to the charm of this drink.

P.S. HOP WTR also offers blood orange and mango flavors for those of you who are into fruity brews!

Can Hop Water Give Me a Hangover?

No, that you can be assured of!

Since hop water has zero alcohol or sugar content, you won’t be waking up the next morning with a killer headache, dehydration, anxiety, or the need to draw the curtains and hide away from sunlight. Hangovers are mostly caused due to dehydration and result from your body metabolizing numerous toxins found in alcohol.

Hop water beverages have no alcohol, which means there are no toxins that can lead to that dreadful hangover feeling. So, sip away in peace, knowing you’re gonna be just fine before work the next morning!

Author Bio

Lily Badger is the head of marketing at HOP WTR, a leading non-alcoholic beer company offering blood orange sparkling water and orange flavored sparkling water. She is a skilled brand builder with a strong passion for driving mission-driven brand growth in new markets based on targeted consumer preferences. Driving towards improving people’s lives through access to healthy and affordable products.