Determining the Right Waffle Maker for a Restaurant in 5 Steps

Breakfast is never complete without a waffle! These are common delicacies in most restaurants, and you can pick from different shapes and sizes. You need a waffle maker to make such savory snacks, and it’s critical to use the right waffle maker. There are various designs in the market, and choosing the right one can be a real challenge.

Check out tips for picking the right waffle maker for a restaurant:

  • Is it easy to clean?

Restaurants are busy, and you don’t want to get caught up in the rush. An easy-to-clean appliance will come in handy, particularly when choosing a waffle maker for a restaurant. Some materials to consider are;

  • Cast aluminum

Aluminum heats up and bakes fast. With such a waffle maker, you save time and money on energy bills. However, it takes time to cool down, and you must before cleaning it. Also, it’s hand-washed, which can be time-consuming.

  • Cast steel

Cast steel is safe on a dishwasher and saves time during cleaning. But it heats slowly and doesn’t bake fast. It doesn’t retain much heat, meaning you can clean up immediately after cooking.

  • Cast iron

Cast iron waffle makers are durable and distribute heat evenly. Most buyers opt for Professional waffle iron designs. They are easy to clean, and you can easily bush or wipe the residue.

  • Think of the shapes& sizes

 You can make waffles in different shapes and sizes. Some waffle makes cook chunky while others bake thin and fluffy waffles. All waffle makers are unique and cook differently. Determine the type of waffles that you want, and choose a waffle maker that does just that.

  • Consider the number of waffles. 

Choose an appliance that can bake multiple waffles. Some waffle makers can bake a single waffle, while others can do two or four at a time. Double waffle makers are ideal for restaurants and other commercial settings. Besides, no customer wants to queue for waffles.

  • Indicator lights& Other features

Sounds simple? Not really! Indicator lights notify you when your waffle maker is ready for use. This avoids mistakes and ensures well-cooked waffles. Besides, when you put your waffle earlier, it won’t cook rightly. Additional features like the “ready” chime also matter. If working in a busy restaurant, you can get preoccupied with other tasks and burn your waffles. In this case, this feature comes in handy.

  • Ease of storage

Waffle makes come in varied shapes and sizes. Choose one that you can store with ease. Consider the amount of space available in your restaurant before making purchases. If possible, get one that perfectly locks into place, which eases storage in limited spaces.

A quick wrap up

There are various waffle maker types in the market. For a restaurant, choose one that cooks fast and is easy to clean. Moreover, know the desired kind and shape of waffles, and use this to make the right choices. Only shop from accredited manufacturers and enjoy serving your customers with tasty waffles all day.