Healthy Breakfast Ideas for You and Your Child


We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s no surprise that kids who eat breakfast are generally in better health than those who skip it. Research has also indicated a connection between eating breakfast and increased levels of school attendance.

While it can feel difficult to make time for breakfast, these simple and quick recipes will get you and your children healthy food even on hurried mornings. And if you’re struggling to get your child interested in breakfast, a few fun twists on traditional recipes will help you craft healthy meals for kids that get them excited about each morning.

Changing Up Crepes

Crepes may not sound like an obvious start to a list about healthy breakfast options, but a couple simple changes is all it takes to make this a good choice without losing any of the appeal. Conventional white flour has more negative health effects than many people realize, so consider replacing it with oat flour, almond flour, or another alternative.

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This recipe for an almond flour crepe is a great example of using one of these alternative flours, and suggests cinnamon as an optional twist to flavor the batter. It’s also non-dairy and only four ingredients!

Maple syrup, powdered sugar, and whipped cream are also kid breakfast favorites, but they can be switched out for more nutritional and more filling toppings. Kefir, made from fermented milk, is similar to yogurt and provides many healthy bacteria, making it the perfect choice for more adventurous kids.

Healthy Toppings for Toast

Like crepes, toast is a potentially healthy food that is more often consumed in a format that’s much less beneficial for our bodies. Conventional white toast with butter and jam isn’t doing your health any favors, but switching to even more delicious toppings can also add to your toast’s nutritional value.

Nut butter is a filling alternative that provides substantial protein, and it can be made part of a much more elaborate toast-based breakfast. On top of a nut butter base, add yogurt and sliced banana to your toast for a healthy way to start you and your child’s day. These creative ideas from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook will help you come up with something new for your next busy morning.

Stuffed French Toast

Yet another breakfast food traditionally topped with lots of added sugar, French toast can be turned into a much more elaborate breakfast item with a little time and some creative ingredients. Stuffing your French toast elevates it into something that you could bring to a party or social event, and this approach gives you a variety of options.

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One great choice for filling your French toast is a mixture of crushed raspberries, ricotta cheese, and some vanilla for sweetness. Unlike the nutritionally empty maple syrup, the flavors of these toppings come from natural sources that also provide your body with important nutrients. Allrecipes offers a creative take on this idea with a cream cheese and raspberry filling that uses wholesome oatnut bread as the base.

Cottage Cheese Grapefruit

This may sound like a strange combination at first, but mixing cottage cheese into a grapefruit cuts much of its acidity while adding significant levels of protein, turning a light snack into a filling breakfast. Depending on your child’s tastes, they may be immediately interested, but it could take them time to warm up to the stronger flavors and varied textures.

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You can further spice up this combination by adding a creative topping based on your tastes and what’s in your kitchen. Some of our favorite recommendations include roasted seeds, ground pistachios, or honey, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you and your family. One particularly elaborate recipe from Chocolate Salad includes spinach, avocado, and balsamic vinaigrette. This is a particularly great recipe for more adventurous eaters, and is power-packed with nutrition.

Visual Creativity

One of the most effective ways of encouraging your children to eat ordinary foods like fruit is by spicing up the presentation. Cubed or otherwise cut up fruit, especially layered with bread, will have them getting the nutrition they need without feeling like a job.

Breakfast is indisputably the most important meal of the day, but many kids are reluctant to eat food in the morning—especially if it’s healthy. Mixing up your breakfast routine with these fun, filling, and nutritional recipes will brighten your mornings and ensure that your children are at their best for the rest of the day.