Though burgers are a beloved American tradition, they’re also well-liked around the globe. Although we like a tasty burger from a fast food joint or restaurant, preparing hamburgers at home is unique. You may be very inventive when grilling burgers and developing various toppings. Burger toppings have suddenly become significantly more intriguing. Set the grill on high heat, grab a spatula, and get ready to dazzle everyone with these delicious burger toppings.

Caramelized onions

Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite burgers from Milwalky Trace unique? Caramelized onions are always a hit if you’re looking for a sweet, rich complement to your burger. Just add butter to a pan, add the chopped onions, and simmer for a short while over low heat. Have patience, as this procedure could take 20 to 25 minutes. If necessary, add extra water to prevent the onions from burning. Top your burger with a copious amount of fried onions. Delicious.


It’s hard to imagine why, but finding a burger that doesn’t taste good with bacon is uncommon! A fantastic addition to your burger is high-quality smoked bacon cooked until it is almost crispy. Straightforwardly cook smoky bacon rashers in oil for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. You may stack it on top of a cheeseburger for a sumptuous, divine lunch!


Many would contend that a burger isn’t really a burger without crisp, fresh lettuce. When you bite through a rich, meaty burger, lettuce adds a delightful, reviving crunch and another layer of texture. Since it fits into most burgers, you will enjoy topping them with crunchy tiny iceberg lettuce.

Cheese and egg

An egg in a burger shouts brunch, for some reason. It’s genuinely a dream when topped with garlic aioli. If you enjoy ketchup on eggs, you should also try it here! Pour some olive oil into a skillet, fry the egg until the whites are set but the yolk is still runny, and then remove from the pan. This method of cooking the egg ensures that the yolk gives a mouthwateringly rich flavor while flowing all over the other ingredients in the burger! Not much changes for the better.


You can’t go wrong with a lovely homemade burger sauce when selecting the sauce for your burger. Mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle juice, mustard, onion powder, sugar, and salt are the ingredients in the sauce. It raises the bar for your burger. If you keep your spices basic, you can’t go wrong when assembling your burger with traditional condiments like mayo, mustard, and ketchup.


A bowl of handmade coleslaw is a must-have at every barbecue, and it is the perfect addition to your burger. Thinly slice the cabbages and put them in a basin. Add the coarsely grated carrot to the cabbage. Combine the yogurt, mustard, mayonnaise, and seasoning separately. Stir the mixture into the cabbage mixture. Build your burger, add coleslaw, and then devour! Yum.

Wrapping up

The options for creative burger toppings are practically limitless, providing an exciting chance to go outside the box and create genuinely satisfying meals.